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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 13:04

Who We Are

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THINK TANK in FOCUS is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, which serves as a melting pot for research in International Security and Development. It provides access to relevant research on International Security & Development topics, issues, processes, projects and programs by Actors, Academics, Practitioners, Policy Makers and Governments enabling a larger audience to actively engage and benefit in global discuss through advocacy and journalism. 


Our Objective

Is to provide relevant research dedicated to impactful and sustainable growth, development and security in our global village.

Our Goal

Is to empower Actors, Practitioners, Policymakers and Governments with sustainable and impactful solutions through relevant research and advocacy while connecting the missing dots of Globalization to International Security and Development with a secure and effective platform. 

What We Believe

We believe International security is an interconnected field of study that is most relevant in the 21st Century to the continuum existence of the Human Race. Therefore the collective responsibility and togetherness of all parts explains and implicates the intricate roles of all Actors, Associations, Parties, and Organizations for stakeholder purposes.

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